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A site map is just like any other map. In websites, it is used to illustrate to any reader all the different pages that are within a website. Many times a reader will look at the Table of Contents (to your left) and not realize that other pages with great information are actually within a single page of content.

A great example would be "Directions/Maps". If you didn't happen to notice the underlined word "Directions/Maps" within our "Activities" page, you would never know we had a great little page of info about just that!

When you see a word or link that is indented within the Site Map, that means it can be found on the page immediately before it. You can also select that page right from this list as well.

We hope you continue to enjoy our Site Map of Stone Canyon Inn - our goal is to help you with as many tools as possible. We hope if you like our site, you'll come and stay with us at our Hotel - and really like our Cabins, Cottages or Bungalows!

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