Our Bryce Canyon Trip

by Terri
(Shawano, WI)

Morning on the deck

Morning on the deck

Morning on the deck
View of
Mule deer from our hot tub
Waiting at the door for breakfast

Our trip to Bryce Canyon began in the planning stages almost a year ago.

It started out by reading about a "package deal" to come and ride horses and stay near Bryce Canyon... but I did a lot of investigating and read a lot of reviews before we put together our "own" package / trip to come to Tropic, UT and ride around the many trails in the area.

We first made the decision to ride with Mechem Outfitters (who I highly recommend by the way) so our next decision was where to stay in the area.

I did a lot of reading of reviews, and since there were 5 adults in our group (two couples and a brother) we decided to stay in one of the 2 bedroom cabins offered by Stone Canyon Inn. I HIGHLY recommend staying here!!

What a beautiful and relaxing location set back into a quiet location with a view of the back of the Canyon. The owners are terrific and everyone we met there was friendly and helpful! The hot tub felt amazing after riding on a mule for 3-5 hours, and we grilled out on the deck, while enjoying our own "happy hour" nightly.

Each night we were visited by 3 mule deer, who came down from the hills. I cannot emphasize enough how much we all enjoyed our trip to Utah.

The only negative thing I can say, is that the time went by way too fast!

Terri, Charlie, Peggy, Sonny & Dave

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