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Only Stone Inn at Bryce

by Ms Julia K
(Budapest, Hungary)

Dawn at Stone a Canyon Inn

Dawn at Stone a Canyon Inn

I spent my long holiday (5 weeks) in the US traveling all around visiting the places I had never seen but always was dreaming about (SF, the highway 1, Death Valley...) In the second part of my journey I was supposed to visit the Arizona-Utah National Parks - and instead the shutdown came ... I have not given up, rather enjoyed the scenic highways (24, 12, 261) wondering up and down, enjoying the Fall in the mountains, the curiosity of the open State Parks and the incredible colors of the rocks. So, I arrived to Bryce and decided to stay not in the busy centers (Tropic, or Bryce Canyon) rather in a quiet remote place - that's how I chose the Stone Canyon Inn.

It was not easy to find: I am a foreigner without any local experience, my GPS gave it up, and there was no sign of the Inn in Tropic (at least, I could not find). Finally, in the local store I got some help: "go toward the rocks honey and you will find it".... I did! And then a fairy tale did start. It was a lodge I was dreaming about since I had arrived to the US but never found: the location, the house itself, the rooms, the welcome by the staff, the kindness of everybody, the unforgettable breakfast (for a European it was much more than a simple meal), and the SILENCE!
The early morning I made some photos about the dawn - perfect loneliness.

And the reward for all my patience: the Bryce opened its gate that Saturday and my fairy tale went on. All's well that ends well!

Sorry, that it was almost the end of my journey and I had to leave that wonderful place.

Dear all! Thanks to all of you: both to the owners and the staff. If ever you come to Hungary, please let me know - you will be our guests :-))))

Julia K.

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