Garfield County hotels

Not your typical stay.

by Charles
(Salt Lake City, UT)

Our visit to the Stone Canyon was necessitated by a family tragedy that required us to visit Tropic with very little notice. Being the busy time of the year most of the local inns and hotels were full. Dixie and Mike made a room available for me and my sister so that we could attend to the matter and were very kind and hospitable.

I later found out that other family members had called Dixie after us and though she was full, having assigned her last room to us, she took it upon herself to call around and find places for them to stay too. You just can’t find kinder people.

Because our visit was unexpected and unplanned we had done no research into the Stone Canyon Inn and the surrounding area. We were delighted to find a beautiful facility that looks like it was just opened yesterday. The grounds and building are absolutely beautiful.

We were also surprised and pleased to find that breakfast was included and it was fantastic. Mike served a fresh and beautifull meal, prepared by Dixie; and, accompanied it with a humorous recital of Cowboy Poetry.

It’s no wonder that; as my family member who lives in the area informed us, the Stone Canyon Inn is one of the few places that is open and has guests year round.

I’ll be back under more favorable circumstances and can think of no better place to stay than with Mike and Dixie at the Stone Canyon Inn.

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