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Loved Bryce Canyon and the Stone Canyon Inn!!!

by Laura M.
(Springfield, MO)

View of Bryce Canyon from Porch of treehouse

View of Bryce Canyon from Porch of treehouse

IF you are staying at the Stone Canyon Inn, take the Tropic trail that begins just outside the grounds of Stone Canyon Inn (at the end of the dirt road right before the turnoff to Stone Canyon Inn) and hike in the back way to Bryce Canyon, It is a 1.5 mile hike into the lower part of Bryce Canyon and then you can take the trails to the Rim Trail via the Navajo trail or Queens trail. Coming in the back way, you do not have the crowds and it is quite serene and a very easy 1.5 hike to the main trails. You also get the benefit of climbing up to the Rim trail and Sunset Point-which is a substantial uphill hike, but then you get to come down and back into the valley on the hike back. Well worth it! It will get really crowded as your get closer to the top of the Rim Trail but knowing you get a peaceful hike back to Tropic and Stone Canyon Inn, makes it easy to deal with the crowds at the top of the canyon.

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