Garfield County hotels

Little Gem

by Steve C
(Maidstone, Kent, UK)

So near, but so far...

So near, but so far...

Overnighted with my party of 8 in Cliffrose and Manzanita cottages for one night in preparation for an ATV (quad bike) excursion the next day over toward Bryce.
Unfortunately, we didn't get here until quite late and had to leave early the next morning. To say I was kicking myself is a huge understatement!
When I emerged from the cottage the next morning I stared longingly at a little path that meandered off into the glorious landscape in the gentle light of a beautiful sunrise, just feet away from the front door.
It was like waving a bag of sweets in front of a kid but snatching it away immediately.

Put it this way, when I next visit this area, Stone Canyon Inn is going to be my base for exploring much more of this area.
I've been around Bryce twice and each time it has been for a single night on route to the objective of Lake Powell, which is sheer lunacy. This area demands/deserves much more attention so don't make the same mistake. You have a unique landscape on your doorstep, make the most of it. I had to keep the group happy by working 3 nights in Vegas into the 2 week itinerary (which is my idea of hell on Earth). What I would have given for 3 extra nights here to give the area the respect it deserves...

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