Garfield County hotels

Jewel, Bill, Nick and Tibet

Hi, we rented a two bedroom and two bath cabin for two nights. It had a large family room with fireplace and TV and a big kitchen. It was very well appointed and had all of the sensitives we could have ever wanted. We had views from the windows and the deck/pesto .
When I made the reservation, the owner said you might want to go ahead and make a restaurant reservation. I thought that was a bit premature but went ahead send did that. I am SO glad I did because the restsurant was packed. We had some of the best food and wine I have ever had. It was so good that we reserved tge next night snd the chef/owner came out to meet and greet us.
Before dinner, we went to their outside chairs on a patio snd drank wine and looked at the stars. Fabulous!
Our requests were met with smiles and quickness. They know how to cater to their guests. We hope to go back soon and would recommend Stone a canyon to everyone.

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