Garfield County hotels

Great location to hike Bryce Canyon

by Ruediger
(Houston, TX)

We enjoyed staying at the Stone Canyon Inn for several reasons:

Our Treehouse was very nice.

Dinner at the onsite restaurant was very good.

Hikes into Bryce Canyon are very convenient using the Tropic Trail.
That trailhead is only a few miles away from the Stone Canyon Inn. The access road (dirt) is in good condition. It takes about 30 minutes from the Tropic trailhead to hike into the Canyon (slightly up). The first hike we did from the canyon bottom was the Peakaboo loop with a detour up to Bryce Point and back down. After completing the Peakaboo loop we hiked up the Navajo trail and then down taking the Queen's Garden trail. From there we hiked back to the Tropic trailhead.
The second hike from the Tropic trailhead included the Queen's Garden trail to the rim. From there we hiked north until we hit the Fairytale loop that we hiked down and back up to the rim. Then we hiked along the rim to the Navajo Trail which we hiked down and then back on the Tropic Trail to the trailhead.
Both hikes were great and took about 6 hours each (roundtrip between 14 and 15 miles).
What we really enjoyed (other than the nice hikes and the beauty of nature) was the short five minutes drive to the Tropic trailhead. We did not have to deal with the traffic in the park at all. The only congested areas we experienced were at the top of the Navajo trail and on the Navajo trail. People arriving in tour buses populate that portion of the trail (especially the upper sections). Be prepared to see people in shoes that are not suited for hikes and without enough water. Once you get away from those areas you can really enjoy the beauty of the canyon.

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