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Dawn over Bryce Canyon

by Roger Huw

The timing was perfect. We woke at 6.30 on October 26 - being 5.30 to us as we were staying in Las Vegas and had driven up the day before). On the road before 7 and into the Park in time to park at Bryce Point, where there were only a few spaces left, to join the throng waiting in the cold for dawn to break.
There was some serious photographic equipment on show. How early did some of those folk arrive in order to claim the best pitches we wondered? There were many other iphone amateurs like us though, so we didn't feel intimidated!
A few of our efforts are attached.
The glow began to fill the sky and, when it did, the sun rose quite fast over the horizon. After a 10 minute frenzy of snapping away, the early birds started to drift away, as the sun had set; yes, set, behind a heavy cloud just above the horizon. I saw the same thing happen last December on the Suffolk coast in England.
Back in the car, we drove the 20 minutes back to Stone Canyon Inn, spotting, despite the gloom, a few deer against the frosty ground. We packed up and headed down to Bryce Canyon Inn on Main Street, Tropic, for coffee and delicious fresh muffins. We headed back to the Park, this time to take a hike before heading back to Vegas.
We don't do tripadvisor reviews, so let's say here and now how secluded, comfortable and well-equipped the bungalow was, and the meal at Stone Hearth Grill was top class. Wish we could have stayed longer.

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