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Our Amenities at Stone Canyon Inn are all designed around you - our guest! We know how important it is to be able to provide excellent and current information to you. Bryce Canyon has spectacular rock formations and hiking trails for you viewing pleasure.

We've personally enjoyed all the trails in the area. With that type of actual knowledge, we can help you determine which trails are best for you. Perhaps you'd like a horseback ride instead. We can make all the arrangements so your day of riding is perfect. Depending on where you go, we know which stables provide the best horses and trail rides!

Looking for a fantastic "day-trip" idea? Take a look at our Activities Page! Any of these locations is an excellent way to enjoy southern Utah while staying with us at Stone Canyon Inn. We'll even help you combine several of them into a one day trip!

In case you missed it, here is our Directions/Maps Page.

Stone Canyon Inn Deck

Want to just get away from it all and enjoy our crisp blue sky while relaxing on your deck? The cabins and bungalows each have a private deck - our cabins even have a hot tub! Either way, the crisp blue sky will leave you breathless!

Star gazing is world famous here! Our surrounding areas are nice and dark to keep light interference at a minimum. Imagine sitting outside at night with a sky so clear, you can see shooting stars and every star within our horizon.

Powell Point

Ever see rocks light up at sunset or sunrise? In the morning, the sunrise lights up Bryce Canyon's Bristlecone Ridge, adjoining our property to the west! That same sun will light up Powell Point across from us in the evening.

Rainbow at Powell Point

Rainbows? Just be sure to look to the east of us if it rains a little during the day! We have double rainbows all the time to our east!

Take a look at our latest addition to the Stone Canyon Inn - a Sauna in the Woods!