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About Us

About Us and Our Dream:

While hiking in a slot canyon our family started to fantasize about the idea of living in this gorgeous country and a seed was planted. The dream of running an inn and guiding people that have never experienced this rugged red rock and narrow canyon wilderness started to grow.

It took several years to find the perfect piece of property, 80 acres actually bordering Bryce Canyon National Park. Who knew land like this even existed?

In 1996, we purchased the land and began to formalize exact plans. In the summer of 1999, we faced the challenge of installing over a mile of water and sewer. Then the trial of building in the country, four hours from any metropolis arrived.

Finally, the beginning of a dream came to fruition in August of 2000 when we opened the inn. Four years later we added four cottages to accommodate all the families that wanted to stay with us.

Stone Canyon Inn remains a work in progress for us, as our dream continues to blossom.....

Finally, after years of requests - we have opened our very own Restaurant

Stone Hearth Grille

in May 2014

From that little seedling, we now have guests that know about us and stay in our Stone Canyon Inn from all over the world. It's been an exciting life for us. Plus, so much fun to share meals and journeys with so many wonderful visitors from every part of the globe.....

Innkeeper: Dixie Burbidge

In case you missed it, here is our Directions/Maps page

Powell point Sunset

Powell Point at Sunset from our Cabins

Stone Canyon Inn Deck

Large Deck for relaxation!

Take a look at our commitment to preserving this beautiful area and how we are helping to preserve and energize it - Stone Canyon Inn has gone Green.

Pond and Waterfalls

Our latest addition to our Inn is a soothing waterfall off our deck to a pond. Our guests have always loved sitting out on the deck anytime during the day or night.

After several ideas and suggestions, we formulated a design to create a small sanctuary around a pond off the deck and include a waterfall with it.

Now, our guests can also enjoy that tranquil sound of water cascading down some rocks into our pond, while sitting either on the deck overlooking the pond - or right on the water's edge.

We hope you've enjoyed our About Us page and come visit us to see how magnificent Southern Utah is!