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A trip worth remembering!

by Yvonne
(Albany, New York)

It was quite a different speed for us to choose to book a trip that entirely encompassed being in National Parks. We had actually never done this before and Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park were our first two National Parks ever. That being said, we knew we wanted to make this trip as memorable as possible and staying in a treehouse at Stone Canyon Inn was a great way to do that!

I will mention that we came the week prior to Memorial Day and somehow brought the snow with us from New York because it was cold and rainy when we arrived in Utah and we received 6 inches of snow at Bryce the first night! That being said, the minute we had clear skies and little or no rain, we running to the car and heading over to Bryce. On our first night we did just that and we were able to spend a few hours exploring the canyon.

We decided to hike the Queen's Garden Loop which connected to the Peek-a-boo loop. We realized the Navajo trail was closed so we could not the "Figure 8" hike but we figured we would wing it when we got to the end of peek-a-boo. It took us a little over three hours to get to the end of peek-a-boo and it was getting late. We did not know about the shuttle system and how late they ran so we decided to walk the rest of the way to Bryce Point so we could see the most of the canyon while it was nice out. The only problem was, that was a winding road UP the canyon and it was grueling and took a while longer than anticipated. We rested at the top and did not see a shuttle so we decided to walk the rim trail back to Sunrise Point where our car was parked.

It started to rain, and then sleet, and the winds picked up heavily. The trail was not well marked unless you were at a viewpoint so we were very unsure if we were on the right trail. Eventually we saw headlights below us at what looked like a parking lot. We ran towards them and my husband stopped the vehicle to ask where we were. We had made it to sunset point but we had no idea how much longer it would take to get to our car from there and the weather had gotten increasingly worse. We asked/begged them to drive us to our car and they were sweet enough to oblige, even though that meant they had to reorganize the back of their rental RV for us to squat in.

We will quite frankly never forget the canyon itself and the crazy whirlwind weather, but we will also never forget the sweet Australian couple that drove us to our car so we could get out of the weather and return to Stone Canyon Inn!

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