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A Perfect Day at Bryce Canyon

by Nancy F
(Medford, OR)

Since had just one day to spend at Bryce Canyon, we decided to drive to the end of the park's main road to Rainbow Point and do the Bristlecone Pine Trail. We are not big hikers, but like to get out on 'doable' trails - where you see or hear something new or amazing.

This great trail gave us big views looking down and out over the canyon which is quite concealed from view on the park's main road.

We then stopped at several designated spots as we rode back up the main road. My favorites were the 'Natural Bridge, Bryce Point and Inspiration Point.

Near the end we were just going to refill our water bottles at Sunset Point and lucked into a ranger talk/walk along the rim from Sunset Point to Sunrise Point. The ranger was such a good raconteur - I remember several of the points he made b/c he presented them in such an engaging way.

Our evening was spent at Stone Canyon Lodge where we took advantage of the new Stone Canyon Grill. I had the BEST filet mignon I've had in decades.

Both my husband and I agreed our dinners were stellar and the view out to another canyon as the sun set left us with the feeling that we had had a perfect day.

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