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Tropic Trail

Tropic Trail

Tropic Trail is a great way to enter Bryce Canyon National Park to see lots of Hoodoos and enjoy a unique hiking experience at the same time.

It is even a better experience if you are not a strong hiker - yet still want to be amongst the Hoodoos!

The trail head begins at the fence of Bryce Canyon National Park at the end of Bryce Way in Tropic Utah - the road you take to get to Stone Canyon Inn!

The best part?

The hiking trail is a very gradual incline into the bottom of the amphitheaters - with access to all of the various hiking trails in the park. It is very popular with people who want to see Peek-A-Boo, but just don't have the strength or energy to climb back out of the park through Navajo Loop or the Queen's Garden.

When you are finished the Peek-A-Boo loop, just have a relaxing leisurely walk back to your car - all at a slight downhill pace!!

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Tropic Trail, Bryce Canyon

Just follow Bryce Way from Rt 12 in Tropic, past the High School, our Stone Canyon Inn (road off to the right) and you'll see a parking area when the road ends in a small cul-de-sac. At the fence is a permanent and very safe ladder providing access over the fence to the trail.

The hike up into the park is approximately 2 miles long. Frankly, it will be somewhat boring in the beginning because you are all excited to be finally seeing "Hoodoos". Not to worry, you'll see plenty of them and their beauty about 2/3 of the way up the trail.

The slight incline will be a welcome relief when finished and returning to your vehicle!

This is one of those "best kept secrets"!

Be sure to enjoy the spectacular views across the area to your right (when coming into the park). You'll see the trail for the Queen's Garden and Navajo Loop when you are approaching the junction area.