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Tropic Reservoir

Tropic Reservoir Fishing

Tropic Reservoir is an ideal location for fishing, snowmobiling, hiking, ATV riding and mountain biking. It is located just west of Bryce Canyon National Park and a great spot to really enjoy the outdoors. It's between Red Canyon and Bryce Canyon. There will be a road off to the south from Scenic Rt 12, called East Fork Rd (#087). Drive down this gravel road approximately 7 miles to the Reservoir.

Many visitors come to our area for fishing and outdoor living - not just the wonderful and colorful scenery!

It is an ideal spot to cast a line from the shore or a small boat and just enjoy the quiet sounds of nature while waiting for that perfect fish!

Here is a link to Utah Division of Wildlife Resources for direct fishing info.

There is a paved boat ramp in the campground area for small boats and kayaks. The lake can be as deep as 25+ feet but seems to average about 10 feet. It is on approximately 180 acres and there are lots of Trailheads for hiking as well as ATV rides.

If the lake is too low in the heat of the summer, the paved boat ramp will not be accessible for unloading boats - kayaks are ideal.

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Tropic Reservoir is also a great lookout for various birds and wildlife in Southern Utah. Because the lake is stocked every year with various trout it won't be out of the question to watch an Eagle soaring overhead looking for its next meal.

If you're really lucky, you'll be able to watch an Eagle dive down to catch a trout with its huge talons! However, be sure to have your camera ready if you do spot an Eagle. Once they start their dive and pluck a fish out of the water, you better have already focused your camera - or it will be too late!

This beautiful lake became the gathering place for winter snow melts and the people of neigboring Tropic were able to build and divert water from the Lake for their town water, years ago.