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Solar Energy

Solar Roof

Solar Energy has arrived at the Stone Canyon Inn. Our lodge has been planing this for several years.

Finally, in the summer of 2012, we were able to add an energy efficient solar system to one of our rooftops! We are fortunate to have such a wonderful roof exposure to the sun. Even though we are located at a pretty high elevation (about 6,500 feet), this particular roof faces the south for maximum exposure. It was a natural transition to add a grouping of panels to our Bed and Breakfast.

We've always had our own large generator for emergencies. Part of the attraction to our Bryce Canyon National Park is the remoteness of the area. As you can imagine, that also can create some interruptions in our electricity.

Now, our new panels help save electricity. The first set of panels power our Boiler circulating system, our main refrigerator and all the electric sockets in the kitchen! Our goal, over time, is to be as self-sufficient as possible during the peak sunny summer months.


Recycling has always been a concern of ours, as well as our guests, here at the Inn, . Years ago this area had a recycling program. However, it required trucking what was collected to a recycling facility 4 hours away. Naturally, that became cost prohibitive.

Great news - we are finally able to recycle again!

So many of our guests have asked "Do we Recycle?" Over the years, we always had to say "No". We certainly felt very bad about it - our area is too beautiful to spoil with landfills. However, we had no options until recently.

Now we can proudly say we do recycle. Even nicer, our guests love it too!