Slot Canyons are another wonderful marvel of nature! Here is our itinerary for this very convenient and close day trip. It is just to the east of our Stone Canyon Inn.

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Bull Valley Gorge Above

Bull Valley Gorge

Make a right turn onto Highway 12 and go 5 miles to the town of Cannonville. In Cannonville, bear right onto Kodachrome Road. Travel 2.7 miles to the Skutumpah Road, a dirt road that takes off to the right. The number is SR500.

Bull Valley Gorge Inside

Willis Creek Slot Canyon

This is an exciting road that has many switchbacks down and up canyon gorges. At 6 miles, there is a small stream that crosses the road and you can park on the right. Follow the water into the canyon. Within 100 feet you are in a narrow canyon. This slot canyon is 2 miles long and ends at Sheep Creek which is a beautiful wider gorge.

At Sheep Creek, there is a small trail to the right that takes you up to some petroglyphs that date back about 800 years.

Back at the car, continue on the Skutumpah Road for another 2 miles. There is a bridge (no railings) that crosses over a very deep canyon.

Bull Valley Gorge is fun, exciting slot canyon to hike. If you have no experience with canyoneering, we highly recommend a guide, but the canyon can be done on your own. The trail takes off to the right of the canyon. A short distance up you can see a truck that went off the road in the 1950’s and is still wedged in the canyon.

Follow the trail along the rim for about ¾ of a mile At this point you can just drop into the canyon. Head back toward the bridge in the bottom of the canyon.

There will be several obstacles to get around and drop offs to maneuver. About 1 mile below the bridge, there will be a cairn on the right marking the place where you can scramble out. A trail will take you back to your car.

Total distance of hike is under 4 miles.

Head back to the Kodachrome Road and turn right. About 7 miles you will want to stop at Kodachrome Basin State Park. It has very interesting rock formations, especially known for its petrified geysers.

My favorite hike is Angel’s Palace, an easy ½ mile hike that puts you on top of a plateau with great views.

Round Valle

After Kodachrome, go back to the main road and turn left onto the Cottonwood Canyon Road. This is a dirt road that eventually ends at Highway 89. From this point, travel 6 miles to the Round Valley Draw. On the right, there is a dirt road that takes you to the Round Valley slot canyon which has a very exciting, dramatic entrance.

This canyon also requires some canyoneering skills and you should hire a guide if you are not experienced. Take the dirt road about 2 ½ miles to a parking lot with a trailhead sign in.

The slot canyon is about ½ mile down the wash. There is a dramatic crack in the earth that opens up and you drop in at this point. There are several drop off that you boulder down and then some exciting obstacles to maneuver over and under. It is about 2 miles to Hackberry Canyon which is a good place to turn around.

Head back to the Cottonwood Canyon Road and continue to 13.6 miles from where the dirt started. There will be a small area on the left to pull off. On the right, you will see a crack in the rock wall and a trail going into it. This Cottonwood Canyon Narrows is a 2 mile loop and is very deep. It is wider, but the colors are pretty. In about 1 mile it goes back to the road and you walk back to your car along the road.

There are incredible rock formations and colors on this road so it stays very interesting.