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Red Canyon Trails and Hiking

Red Canyon is your first natural wonder - just before the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park. It is right on RT 12, coming from the west area towards Bryce Canyon.

Red Canyon Overview Map

There is a Visitor Center on the north side of Rt 12, just inside the beginning of the area. There are fantastic trails all throughout the area.

It even has designated ATV Trails for those that wish to ride throughout Red Canyon, rather than hike it.

As you'll see with the next map, there is even a horse are - Coyote Hollow Equestrian Campground for those that want to bring their horses and really enjoy trail riding.

Red Canyon Trails Map

We have also included this above map as a PDF File so you can download it and print it for your own hiking pleasure.

As you'll quickly realize, there are quite a few small, easy elevation change hiking trails to enjoy within Red Canyon. Behind the Visitor Center are several. Some are only a short hike while others will allow you to extend onto other trails for a great Day Trip.

If you find that you just didn't set enough time to visit the park on the way into the area, there is a wonderful hike to enjoy when leaving us.

Just a short distance West of the park on Rt 12 is a dirt road off to the north called Casto Canyon Road.

if you have the time on the departure day, this little side hide is a must do. Just go up Casto Canyon Rd to the small parking lot on your right and park your car in the shade. There is a small trail head just on the other side of the wash that will take you up and around a wonderful vista of the canyon.

Red Canyon Arch

If you go to the right, at the beginning of the trail head, you'll come to a very sharp hairpin turn. Be sure to look up above - there is a very scenic arch above you that is very accessible for great pictures!

Perhaps you can get one with a cloud, contrail and a person all in the same photo - framed by that beautiful arch!?