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Queen's Garden Bryce Canyon

Queen's Garden Bryce Canyon Hiking Trail is the most popular trail within all the Hoodoos of the amphitheaters.

There is a large parking lot for cars so it is very convenient to just park and hike. Another great feature of this particular trail is the descent down into the amphitheater is a gentle sloping trail with plenty of switchbacks.

Queen's Garden Trail View

Incredible view of Hoodoos on Queen's Garden Trail

View Queen's Garden Trail - Sunrise Point in a larger map

Queen of the Queen's Garden Trail
Tunnel on the Queen's Garden trail

While descending into this particular trail, be sure to watch for a smaller trail off to your right. It will be fairly far down into the amphitheater. It will be after the small tunnel path.

Be sure to follow into the trail on your right and look up to your right when at the end of it. You will see why this is called the "Queen's Garden"!

There is a Hoodoo up to your right that is completely carved by nature and looks just like a "Queen" - Throne, Crown and the person! Quite the carving.

Balancing Stones in Queen's Garden

Balancing Act!

Caves with the Queen's Garden trail

Caves amongst the Hoodoos

Hiking Trail View - Bryce Canyon

Trail within the Queen's Garden

ET watching over you in Queen's Garden

"ET" watching over you!

Rooted tree on Queen's Garden trail

It's absolutely amazing how these trees can survive all these years with so much of their root structure exposed and searching for water!

It's obvious these trees are extremely old, yet flourishing as if all normal!?!


When you get to the bottom of the Queen's Garden trail, you will have 4 different options.

  1. Tired and too much? Return on the same trail to the top of the amphitheater - it's the easiest to climb back up and out of.
  2. Continue further into the Amphitheater and tour Peek-A-Boo. It is only accessible from within the actual larger amphitheaters. It is a 3 mile hike amongst some beautiful "windowed" hoodoos.
  3. Take the right side loop of Navajo up and out of the canyon
  4. Take the left side loop of Navajo Trail  - Wall Street - and enjoy the most photographed area within the  canyons. It is only open in the summer time though!

The Queen's Garden Bryce Canyon Trail is a perfect way to hike and experience all the wonders of the Hoodoos within the canyon. People from all over the world come here and experience it first hand!