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Petroglyphs are really quite plentiful in our Southern Utah area. Course, you have to know where to look. This particular day trip will allow you to see some really great ones. Our itinerary starts from the Stone Canyon Inn.

However, if traveling to us from the east on Scenic Rt 12 from Moab or the Capital Reef area, be sure to consider taking this trip while on your way to us!

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Hundred Hands Petroglyphs

When leaving the Inn, turn right onto Highway 12. Travel approximately 50 miles to the Escalante River. Just past the bridge, turn left into a parking lot for the trailheads of the Escalante River.

You are going to hike to the Hundred Hands Petroglyphs and will not be going into the water. There is a house on the left with a driveway to its right. Go up the driveway just a few feet and you will see a trail take off to the right.

A little further, there is a post with a right arrow. Follow that arrow. The trail will take you up rocks until it plateaus at the top. Walk straight to the rock wall ahead of you and high above your head you will see the hundred hands.

If you continue to the right, there are Petroglyphs at eye level. This hike is only about ½ mile round trip.

Calf Creek Fall

From the parking lot, continue on Rt. 12 east 1.1 miles and you will see a road take off to the left. Watch closely it is easy to miss.

This takes you to the Lower Calf Creek Falls campground. In the campground, the trail will take you to a beautiful waterfall. It winds up a deep red gorge with Petroglyphs and Indian ruins on the far wall. You can cool off in the pool at the bottom of the falls if you would like.

This hike is a little under 6 miles round trip.

If you continue east on Highway 12 there is a dirt road that takes off to the left between mile marker 80 and 81. The trailhead for the Upper Calf Creek Falls is in the far corner of the parking lot.

This hike is 2 ½ to 3 miles round trip and goes down a steep slick rock gorge. By following cairns, you can hike to the top of the falls and the bottom. The pools are all swimable and very refreshing.

Burr Trail Slot Canyon

Continue east on Highway 12 to the town of Boulder. In Boulder, turn right on the Burr Trail Rd. It is a paved road and is one of the most beautiful drives in the United States.

At 11 miles, there is a small slot canyon on the left that makes for a great little hike. Some trees are trying to hid it, but it's there!

Back in the car, the next 7 miles goes through a very deep narrow red canyon. When you go up a rise and can look into the next valley, it is a good place to turn around.


Back in Boulder, a fantastic place to eat is Hell’s Backbone Grill. It is an organic restaurant with great reviews. You need reservations, so call 1-435-335-7464 for reservations. They open at 5:00 pm. They typically close for the winter, usually after the Thanksgiving weekend?