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Navajo Loop

Navajo Loop is a beautiful loop trail in Bryce Canyon Nat Park. This is where the famous Wall Street trail is, as well as an access trail to Peek-A-Boo.

This trail can be entered from several different points within Bryce Canyon National Park. Since it is a very steep trail, many hikers prefer to enter it from the bottom area of the Amphitheaters. Many will hike down into the area from Sunrise Point and the Queen's Garden Trail.

As we mentioned in the Queen's Garden hiking information page, that is the most "gentle" way to descend into the bottom. Once at the bottom, you have several options.

Navajo Loop Hoodoos

Peek-A-Boo trail is only accessible from the bottom area. Many hikers will enter the park through the Queen's Garden, follow a trail over to Peek-A-Boo and then come back out of the Amphitheaters through one of the Navajo Loop trails.

View Navajo Loop Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah in a larger map

As you will see on the trail map, its name is just what it implies. It is a loop trail from Sunset Point, down into the Amphitheater and then back out again to Sunset Point.

The decisions will be which trail to take!?!

During the winter season, the Park Service will make the decision for you!

The Wall Street portion of the Loop will be closed. Too many rocks fall after freezing water gets behind the them and pushes the rocks out and therefore down onto the trails.

Wall Street

Famed "Wall Street"

Double Natural Bridges

Double Natural Arch Bridges

If you are lucky enough to be in the park when the  Wall Street section of the Loop is open, that is an incredible trail to take.

You will come into a very high,shear walled area with huge Douglas fir trees growing straight up in search of water and sunlight. It is claimed to be one of the most photographed areas within all the trails of Bryce Canyon!

Navajo can also be accessed from Tropic Trail. Many people will come into the Park from the Tropic Trail, hike around Peek-A-Boo and then take one of the Navajo Loops up and the other back down.

Either trail is spectacular.

You will see some incredible hoodoos as well as a beautiful double arch bridge between 2 sheer walls.