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Mossy Cave and Waterfalls

Mossy Cave and Waterfalls is a great way to have a nice gentle and easy "preview" of a more serious hike within Bryce Canyon National Park.

The cave and waterfall is located right off Scenic Rt 12 about 3.5 miles west of Tropic and East of Bryce Canyon Entrance off Rt 63.

Mossy Cave Hoodoo

How unique is this hoodoo?

Just imagine all the various images you can conjure up in your mind. Nature has given our minds a great escape to "see" what you want in these hoodoos.

Because it is only about a 1/2 mile, it's an ideal hike to do while on the way to our Stone Canyon Inn late in the afternoon. You can enjoy a great preview of what you'll see when you hike down into the massive amphitheaters of Bryce Canyon itself!

Many of our guests stop here on the way to us for a quick peek, before checking into our Hotel.

Mossy Cave Trail

 This is a nice easy stroll to the Cave.

Mossy Cave Waterfall

How cool (literally) is that?

The Trailhead is right off the parking/pull off area on Scenic Rt 12. It is about the only area you can pull off between Tropic and Bryce Canyon and plenty of room for at least 15 - 20 vehicles. Unfortunately, there will be no sign on Rt 12 itself. But, you'll notice cars parked there.

The walk is a nice gentle walk through a wash area across a couple of small bridges and then past some fascinating hoodoos. The trail will then head up, but really very slightly to the actual cave and waterfalls area.

As you see in the picture, you can get right up to the cave and waterfalls coming over the top. You can almost feel the ice formed inside the cave. Because the ice is formed from the constant mist of the waterfalls, it will stay there as long as the weather is cold.

Even in the heat of the summer, it won't have the ice, but it is such a refreshing sight to feel, hear and see the water flowing over and past the cave.

Aside from seeing the cave and waterfalls, you are able to hike into the base of the hoodoos, rather than just looking at them from the top - as you will in Bryce Canyon itself. Obviously you can hike down into the amphitheaters in Bryce, but, not everyone is physically able to hike down and then back out.

Mossy Cave allows that unique experience without the strain!

Please take a look at our Maps page to see how convenient Mossy Cave is to our Stone Canyon Inn