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The Grand Staircase

The Grand Staircase or the official name "Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument" is an amazing collection of stunning feats of nature.

It is a massive area bordered by Capital Reef on the East, the Vermillion Cliffs and Lake Powell on the South with Bryce Canyon and Kodachrome State Park on the Western side. Our beautiful plateau, across the valley from our Stone Canyon Inn, of Powell Point is to the north of it.

Utah's scenic highway Rt 12 goes directly through it, as a beautiful winding path on an east/west direction.

Although the Grand Staircase is not as famous as our immediate local treasures, it certainly should not be passed up when visiting our Bed and Breakfast.

If coming to us from the east - Torry, Capital Reef, etc. there are several areas that should be visited on the way. Perhaps even taking an extra day to enjoy it before arriving at our location in Tropic?

If you look at our Activities page, you'll immediate notice there are some breathtaking hikes and scenic spots that really should be enjoyed. Once you've passed them and arrived at our Stone Canyon Inn, it isn't as much fun to turn around to see all these sites.

Coming from the east are the Burr Trail, Upper Calf Creek and Lower Calf Creek - all before you get to Escalante and the Hole in the Rock Road.

The pictures are courtesy of and feature the Lower Calf Creek, an Aerial view of the Upper Calf Creek and a lower view of Upper Calf Creek - all just incredible hiking adventures!

Lower Calf Creek Falls
Upper Calf Creek Falls
Upper Calf Creek Falls

Off the Hole in the Rock Road are some fantastic day trips to Devil's Garden, which really is a must see for it's vast hoodoos, Metate Arch and huge naturally created stone structures. Because it is in such a remote area, it would be wise to visit the Visitors Center in Escalante before venturing too far off the highways!

Just prior to crossing the Escalante River be sure to stop for the great moderate hike to see the "100 Hands" Petroglyphs. The trailhead will be on your right, just before the river. When you are up on the plateau, look across to see the "Kiva Koffee House" - stop for a snack on your way.

Shortly after that, will be a Million + Acre Vista Point. You will have climbed switchbacks on the way up to the top - a must stop for pictures and the breath taking view! Just imagine trying to climb that in a horse drawn wagon?!

And you wonder why we are so proud of our Grand Staircase?! These kinds of trails, hikes and vistas are only common in Southern Utah! Be sure to look at our "Activities" Page so you don't miss some great locations on your way to us from the east.

Just imagine the fun and hikes you'll have before you even get to Bryce Canyon National Park and our beautiful Stone Canyon Inn. Many visitors only come from the west and leave that way. If you arrive from the east, you'll be able to share what an exciting trip you had just coming to our Bed and Breakfast!