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Day Trips

Day Trips around the Bryce Canyon National Park area can be just as spectacular! We are going to be giving you all the information for at least 4 different ones. They will all be just a day trip/venture out into the area.

You'll notice we are also providing maps and easy steps to take to be sure your trip is successful.

If you are coming from the east area on Scenic Rt 12, be sure to look over the "waterfalls" trip. This trip goes all the way to the town of Boulder, Utah and would be so much easier to do while on your way to us at the Stone Canyon Inn.

If coming from the west, onto Rt 14, be sure to look over our "Cedar Breaks" trip.

Bull Valley Gorge

The first trip is mostly a "Slot Canyon" Trip and happens to be very close. As you'll see, it will provide some great small hikes through several different slot canyons and gorges.

Lower Calf Creek

The second trip includes petroglyphs, two beautiful waterfalls and more actual hiking. We are calling this our "Petroglyphs" Trip. This particular one is strongly suggested if you are coming from the eastern area of the Grand Staircase - Moab or Capital Reef, etc. Plan accordingly, and you can enjoy these hikes while on the way to us!

Hole in the Rock

The third trip is centered around the Escalante area of the Grand Staircase and includes some dinosaur tracks, Devil's Garden, arches and a visit to our famous Hole in the Rock Rd. We are calling this the "Hole in the Rock" Trip.

Cedar Breaks Window Arch

The fourth trip would be best on your way to us or heading back to I-15 towards Las Vegas. The vistas you'll see at Cedar Breaks are just beautiful.

If the weather is questionable or you just can't pass Red Canyon without a mini-hike, take a look at our Red Canyon page. You can enjoy some great scenery and or hikes while on the way to or from us.

Any of these hikes/drives is doable in a day. We strongly encourage our guests and visitors to take advantage of these great natural treasures while visiting our Stone Canyon Inn.

We sincerely hope you'll take at least one of the day trips while here in southern Utah. After all, many of you have traveled entire continents to come visit us.