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Bryce Canyon Amphitheater

Bryce Canyon National Park is literally right in our backyard! Our 80 Acres of Stone Canyon Inn adjoin the lands of the National Park! It is truly an amazing wonder to behold. Several things come to mind - the air is so clean and crisp, the sky so perfectly blue and the rock spires are just so unique.

Scientist can explain how this all happened. The beauty lies in the results! As you enter the park, the forest hides what you're about to see. A stop at the visitor center is a "must". The visitor center has a great film explaining how this all came together - erosion, sandstone and frost heaves to begin with.

If you are a typical tourist, you've probably been to the top of a large building in a major city. As you look out over the city, you see tall, short, unique buildings, with various types of structures and landscaping surrounding everything.

Well, be prepared! Bryce Canyon National Park is similar; but, oh so rich! After viewing the films and pictures at the visitor center, it's now time to awaken your visual senses!

There are many overlooks/vistas to pick for your viewing pleasure. Our suggestion is to drive or take the shuttle to the end of the park roadway. You'll pass several overlooks to tease you. However, continue to the end. The shuttle will take you to each rim and drop you off. Whenever you’re ready to leave for the next rim, a shuttle bus will take you to the next stop - great system.

At the end of the park roadway, you will be at Rainbow Point with an elevation of 9115 feet. Rainbow Point not only overlooks some beautiful and unique spires within the park, but you can see south for miles on a really clear, crisp day!

Now that you've been sufficiently visually teased, it's time to drive/shuttle back and stop at all the different rims/overlooks/vistas that you passed. They will all be on your right side for ease of stopping and starting to the next.

You will also notice that each different overlook has hiking trails into the canyons. Some of these trails are very easy hiking, while others are extremely challenging! For your first visit, I would just enjoy the various vistas from the rims themselves. Once you are settled in at our Stone Canyon Inn, we can help you decide which hikes and trails are best for you.

Here is the National Park Service link to their Bryce Canyon National Park website. Please be sure to look it over. Some of the activities will be Ranger lead snowshoe hikes in the winter, geology talks, rim walks, kids programs, evening programs, full moon hikes and world famous astronomy programs - just to name a few! Be sure to look over the map of all the hiking trails within Bryce, as well.

Do you happen to like stars and stargazing? Bryce Canyon National Park has some wonderful events hosted right there, throughout the year. This year's Solar Eclipse was May 17-20. The National Park Service has some exciting events planned for visitors throughout the entire year - take a look here.

Still not sure?

Take a look at our own Bryce Canyon Hikes page for more in-depth information about the various hikes, maps, trails and vistas in our beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park!