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Bryce Canyon Hikes

Bryce Canyon Hikes are featured here to give you plenty of planning time.

We know people come to our great area because of Bryce Canyon National Park. We thought it would be a great help if we could show you a color map of the area, where Stone Canyon Inn is and give you some insight about all the various hikes you can do within Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon Hikes is a great resource for planning your trip. We'll provide maps and details for each hike within the park.

As you'll see on this general Map, we are located just east of the park, in the town of Tropic, Utah. We are only 7 miles from the entrance road into the park - but we have sensational views of the park itself. As you are driving up our dirt road to our Inn, be sure to enjoy the magnificence of "Bristlecone Ridge" right in front of you!

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Fairyland-Bryce Canyon

The first Amphitheater you'll come to as you enter Bryce Canyon is Fairyland. It will be the first paved road off to your left after you go past the sign welcoming you to Bryce Canyon National Park. It does not have a sign. There will be "Road Closed" Gate there - but it will be open - unless it is wintertime. The access road to Fairyland will be closed and un-plowed all winter.

Queen's Garden

The Queen's Garden is probably the most hiked trail within Bryce Canyon. As you can see by the picture - that is quite a carving by nature of the Queen! Another great feature of this particular trail is the descent into the amphitheater and the Hoodoos is a nice gentle downward sloping trail, with plenty of switchbacks to make it even easier.

Wall St - Bryce Canyon

Navajo Loop Trail is a very popular way out of the amphitheater of Hoodoos. As the name implies, it is a loop so you can take it 2 different ways out of the bottom. Take a look at our link to this fabulous trail loop for some great hiking pictures and ideas.

Peek-A-Boo Loop is a spectacular way to see lots of Hoodoos - but, with windows!

Tropic Trail is seldom used but a very unique entrance into the park. It is at the end of Bryce Way, in our town of Tropic. Our Stone Canyon Inn is located about 1/2 way up Bryce Way Rd. Keep going straight past our dirt rd entrance and stay on Bryce Way to the end - Tropic Trail starts right there!

Bryce Point Overlook in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Point offers a great view of the various amphitheaters to your left. It also offers a great view of our own Stone Canyon Inn. Take a look at our Bryce Point page for some great pictures. It is also a great way to enter into "Peek-A-Boo".

Rainbow Point

Rainbow Point is at the end of the roadway through Bryce Canyon. If the weather is even remotely clear - it is so worth riding out to this 9,000+ ft view point.