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Willis Creek Horseback Ride

Bryce Area Horseback Rides are a fabulous way to see our great area and feel its history. The greatest part of all, you don't have to be an experienced rider to enjoy the feel of our ancestors as they rode through our southern Utah area.

Within Bryce Canyon National Park are some great trail rides, as well as general hikes. Most of our guests seem to opt for the horseback ride out in the Grand Staircase - away from it all. Bryce Canyon has plenty of great hiking trails and areas to enjoy the spectacular views - either by foot or horseback.

Spending a 1/2 day or more out in the Grand Staircase is just the perfect trip to getting away! We have a very experienced Bryce Area horseback rides company we've been using and recommending for years. They're local residents and know the area extremely well. They'll even take you out on a hunt, if the timing is right.

We've even had experienced riders come that just want to "ride the prairies" and that can all be arranged through the same outfitters - Mecham Outfitters - right here in Tropic, Utah. Owner, McLain Mecham, says his horses love it when an experienced group of riders wants to just run an area - how exciting is that!

McLain is a great "Trail boss"! He loves to take people out to Willis Creek - about halfway between here and Kodachrome State Park. The excitement he feels from guests when they come to the Willis Creek Slot Canyon is worth it every time! The ride itself is just beautiful.

You'll wander up the wash of Willis Creek into a narrow area that just gets higher and higher, while narrowing to just the stream itself - until finally, you are inside a beautiful slot canyon. Imagine riding through a canyon on a horse where you can touch both sides and see incredible colors within the canyon itself - all carved by nature!

You can tell we are so very proud of our great area! Mecham Outfitters is the perfect host for a great Bryce area horseback rides experience.

Just call them directly (435-679-8833) or let us know with your reservation at Stone Canyon Inn and we'll set it all up for you.