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Bryce Area ATV Rides

ATV Riders

Bryce area ATV rides can sure be a lot of fun!

Southern Utah ATV rides are a great family way to enjoy a day out in the countryside. Some families even bring their own trailer load of ATV's with them for their stay at our Stone Canyon Inn.

If you are bringing your own, and not sure of where to ride, we recommend a great site called Utah Trails for all the various maps and areas you can ATV.

We have 2 different ATV companies we recommend for guides and rentals:

Bryce Canyon ATV Adventures - They are located right at the Entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park on Rt 12. Their ATV rides are into that fabulous Red Canyon that you drive through on the way to us and Bryce Canyon National Park. It is a spectacular ride and you'll feel like you are actually riding in Bryce Canyon National Park (not allowed) - The best of both worlds! Call Mark at 435-834-5200 to make your arrangements or visit his website.

Grand Staircase ATV is another great ATV rental/guide company. They are located in Tropic and feature rides out into the Grand Staircase - right next door to Bryce Canyon National Park. Owner Justin Shakespeare can be reached at 435-616-5475 or his website.


Both of these companies provide excellent Bryce area ATV rides and are very knowledgeable about the area and all the neat trails and great places to see while riding. Each will provide guided trips or just rentals.

Please be sure to look at their websites to see where they go, their rates and times, etc. Be sure to call them if you have any questions - they can answer all your concerns right on the phone and make arrangements for a great day of ATV riding in the Bryce Canyon area.