Kodachrome State Park is only a few minutes east on Scenic RT 12 from Bryce Canyon National Park. Many visitors and guests will stay at our Stone Canyon Inn Bed and Breakfast while taking a day trip to Kodachrome, since it is so close.

Kodachrome has similar appearing hoodoos, but they are actually monolithic stone spires, called sedimentary pipes. These incredibly beautiful "pipes" create individual spires of multicolored stone and sandstone - all balancing precariously for our visual beauty.

The name of the park was actually inspired by a team from National Geographic Magazine, taking beautiful pictures on "Kodachrome" film cameras! The beauty and mulit-hued colors were so inspiring to the expedition, they felt the name "kodachrome" was a perfect match!

The pictures here really won't do it justice. As in all areas of southern Utah, a personal visit will etch the colors in your mind forever.

Kodachrome State Park

If that one doesn't work, here are 4 more of some fabulous spires and views within Kodachrome itself!

kodachrome Shakespeare arch

This is Shakespeare Arch within Kodachrome

Kodachrome Park spires

Kodachrome's many spires!

Kodachrome Sandpipe

A very typical view of a "sand pipe" within Kodachrome State Park.


Another spire within Kodachrome

Kodachrome has great hiking trails, clean modern bathrooms, and group or individual camping/RVing areas. Their hiking trails are intermingled throughout the park. You can do a nice easy flat hike around many of the spires or climb some nice easy trails to the top of some wonderful vistas - and enjoy the spectacular 360 degrees of uninterrupted views.

Within the park itself is also a small general store for that great treat after a day's hike. The general store is also the office for Red Stone Cabins - a wonderful way to economically sleep within the park.

Since Kodachrome is only a few miles east of our Bed and Breakfast, it is a perfect day trip for our visitors. Why not plan your stay to include this great treasure - Kodachrome State Park! See why National Geographic felt it deserved the name of the area after the color film company - Kodak!

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