Group Campground

No Reservations Available for 2015 - Completed Booked for the season

A Group Campground is coming to your favorite Inn, right here in Bryce Canyon. We had lots of guests over the years express interest in a place to hold a family reunion. We've also had quite a bit of requests for a group campground from large tour groups.

Our cabins work well with a small gathering, but become more difficult with a grouping of 10 or more people.

Group Campground with Sinking Ship

It's finally completed! It is located up beyond the Inn and cabins, closer to Bristlecone Ridge, Sinking Ship and Fairyland Canyon. It actually borders Bryce Canyon National Park itself and the views are just spectacular!

Just imagine how beautiful the night sky will be while sleeping under the stars - literally. Or waking up with Bristlecone or Sinking Ship Ridge - right there!

Group Campground Entrance
Shower & Bathroom House, Tents & Sinking Ship
Bldg, Tents & Bristlecone in Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park
Group Tent area with Bristlecone
Group Tent area with Bristlecone in background
Group Campground with Sinking Ship in background
Sinking Ship in Background of Tents
Sinking Ship with Tents

The Group Campground will have 12 sites for tents. The sites are staggered  so that everyone gets a great view, no matter which site they use to pitch their tent. It will be on nice high ground so you won't have to worry about rainwater runoff either.

This will be exclusively for groups only - not individual tenting/camping sites.

We constructed a brand new large bathroom area with 2 individual bathrooms and showers. It will also have a small cooking area, sink, prep area and refrigerator under a patio roof.

What a great place for a biking tour to stop for several nights and enjoy all that our Southern Utah area has to offer. Plus, we know when families want to gather as a group, costs are always a factor.

Based on people's reactions when we tell them what we are creating, they all agree it is a great location for a family reunion. Besides, who wants to stay inside with kids when you can enjoy the great outdoors of Bryce Canyon day and night.

Take a look at our Day Trips and our Activities page for great areas to visit while relaxing with your family at a reasonable price!

Bryce Canyon is world famous for its fantastic night sky's -

Just imagine all the stars and shooting stars you'll see from our campground !

No Reservations Available for 2015 - Completed Booked for the season

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